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• Creating and placing the screws. If you like to create and place the screws, the program first checks if this type of screw is in the standard parts directory if not, first this screw is created from a master parametric model and is placed in standard parts directory. User does not worry about creating a screw, washer or a nut.

Supported standards in current version of the program:

Screw :
• DIN_912 hexagon socket head cap screw
• DIN_931 hexagon head setscrew
• DIN_7991 hex socket C/sink head screw

Washer :
• DIN_433 washer for socket cap screws
• DIN_125 plain washer
• DIN_6796 conical spring washer

Nut :
• DIN_439 hexagon lock nut
• DIN_934 hexagon full nut
• DIN_982 self locking nut

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