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• Automatic detection of Hole parameters. The hole parameters of parametric holes (Simple, CounterSunk, CounterBore, Thread) or nonparametric holes (UG file where parameters are deleted or the part file imported from an other CAD system) can be recognized and used for reporting.

• Definition of additional hole data by use Points.Program can include points to hole table like it does for 3D holes and 2D circular edge or curves.

• Assigning tolerance to holes. Extending hole information by assigning tolerances from DIN norms (H11, D10, E9, H9, JS9, N9, P9, F8, H8, G7, H7, JS7, K7, M7, N7, P7, R7, H6). Users can modify this norm or define additional tolerance values.

• Ordering Holes with respect to a given coordinate system. Program orders holes as calculating their distance from a given reference point.

• Associative Hole Table. The coordinate values of holes appearing in the table are associative. If either parametric or nonparametric hole is transferred to another location, its coordinate is updated on the table.

• Tabular Hole reports can be issued either in Modeling or in Drafting. The ordered and numbered holes can be displayed in the form of “ID-symbol” or "Label“. Hole Table report can be issued on "Listing Window” of UG and it can be saved as a file to printed out or postprocessed in an other program like MS Excel.

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