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• A wizard in Hole Making! It is a program to lower the time for Hole Making Nc code preparation from hours to minutes and from minutes to seconds. It is designed and tested by the help of an Industry Leader firm. The firm tested UG Hole Making Wizard and our product and decided to use Hole Making Automation program of SoftStore Inc.

• A full automation in Hole Making Processes. The Hole Making Automation program, develops the NC code by getting minimum input data from the user. The standard processes like Reaming, Boring, Threading, … can be done in seconds since the program determines all the tools required by this process and generates necessary CAM operations automatically. Tool speed and tool feed data is determined by considering tool type , work piece material and company standards.

Program features:

• Ability to work either 2-Dimensional (curve) or 3-Dimensional (Solid Model) geometries.

• Determination of all required tools for a specific Hole Making process,

• Determination of Tool Speed and Feed automatically,

• Tool path optimization,

• Ability to use User developed CAM operation templates beside Standard UG CAM Operation templates.

• Maximum compliance to company standards, Minimum lost in Time and Scrap Parts.Tool Speed and feed is determined as complaint to company standards . NC Code preparation time is lowered radically. Sparing time and correctness of the job are the major outcomes of the Hole Making Automation program.

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