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 Urwerk Watch Replica LAB collection UR-CC1 WG
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İletim - 21/04/2021 :  14:22:11  Bilgileri Göster  İletiyi Yazana E-Posta Gönder  Alıntı yaparak Yanıtla
Introduction Urwerk UR-100 Spacetime Watch When the subject of complications appear, some people will mention the wandering time as a good example, which is indeed. Then, when they think that the watch using this complications, there will be a feature that is suspended or has a high degree of intelligence words ''. Believe or not, if they have a little knowledge about the different brands involved, a brand will secretly touch under their radar: Urwerk.

The innovative brand specializes in making roaming times instead of a traditional hand watch. Then rotate the disk and then connect to their own rotation mounting line, indicating the marker along the edge of the dial as hours and minutes. But now, Urwerk is brought to the next level, which is a watch that also displays two sets of extra information.

You may have discovered a red hand, just displaying the lower stamp from the time in your news. This is not just an arrow that improves readability; it is also used for the second purpose. This watch can track the rotation of the earth in 20 minutes, but it can also be covered by the sun around the sun. These indications around the periphery of the dial. Once the time is written by manual, then it will tell you the distance of the Earth to rotate on its shaft, then go to the other, and will usually show the distance over 20 minutes of Earth coverage at 3 o'clock.

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